5. August 2016

Software Development

Reinvent the wheel must be not every time, the implementation effort be for your application solutions reduced by using reusable solution modules. VERITAS DATA core solutions and components of VERITAS DATA module libraries are a variety of pre-built components for a quick and inexpensive implementation available. We support both Windows and UNIX / Linux platforms. In particular, the integration and connection of successive internal and external application systems is one of our daily tasks. In the development of mobile apps we support the common platforms (Apple/Android/Microsoft).

The development of individual software and databases according to your needs is one of our strengths. We give you a small overview of our skills:

Software Development

Database Development

  • Company-specific software solutions for individual operational tasks
  • Individual solutions for single and multi place solutions
  • Intranet solutions
  • Internet solutions
  • Special solutions
  • Web design
  • Web shops
  • Implement your business logic in applications
  • Organization of business and media data in databases
  • Effectively managing and distributing your digital documents by document management solutions