5. August 2016

About us

Companies that focus on their core competence, are generally more successful than others. At this point, we want to support you.

As a full service provider, we take care of all requirements around your IT. This range of VERITAS DATA GmbH by creating individual enterprise software solutions with database and document management solutions, through the integration of home offices and intranet solutions to extensive Internet solutions for Web stores or individual backup strategies.

In all projects you work with dedicated, highly motivated professionals who have demonstrated your competence and performance at many prestigious clients.

In all our work, we always have your success as a company at a glance.

This means that a professional training of your personnel in the handling of new applications or systems for us is of course. Because we know how important IT is for your company, we accompany you up to exam preparation for employee for Microsoft and ITIL certifications.

As a customer of VERITAS DATA GmbH, you enjoy all the benefits in a partnership: predictable IT costs, reliable support, process optimization, investment security, productivity, and much more.

Please contact us! We are there for them, so you can focus on your core competence.

We are looking forward to you.